Tumbler & Rocks

Tumbler and Rock Logo update 2023

Meet our new logo!

Discover the exciting transformation of our ready-to-serve cocktail brand as we unveil a new logo. We are so grateful for how fast and successful the Tumbler & Rocks brand has been so far, and with this growth comes changes, thus, introducing our new logo!


After careful consideration and many, many rough drafts, we have bid farewell to our old logo, replacing it with a fresh, vibrant emblem that perfectly embodies the essence of our ready-to-serve cocktails and the experience we aim to provide. Inspired by the artistry and allure of mixology, our new logo seamlessly merges the elements of ice cubes, glassware, and liquor, creating a visual that truly reflects the heart and soul of our brand.


Beyond its visual appeal, our logo aligns seamlessly with our brand philosophy and commitment to quality. It signifies our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients, using innovative recipes and providing you with a delightful cocktail experience that is second to none.


In the coming weeks, you will witness our new logo within stores, our packaging, our website, and all other brand materials. We hope it serves as a beacon, drawing you into our world of crafted cocktails and the joy they bring. We cannot wait for you to experience our new logo in all its glory. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and we look forward to sharing many more delightful cocktail moments with you in the future.


Cheers to new beginnings and unforgettable sips!

Your Tumbler & Rocks Team