Tumbler & Rocks

Coming to New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island in early 2024

Fort Saskatchewan, Nov 1, 2023 – Tumbler & Rocks Cocktails, a well-known name in the world of ready-to-serve craft cocktails, is excited to announce its upcoming expansion into the dynamic markets of New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island in early 2024. This expansion signifies a significant step forward for the proudly Canadian company as it extends its reach to offer its exceptional cocktails to an even wider audience.


Tumbler & Rocks is celebrated for its commitment to crafting high-quality cocktails using locally sourced ingredients.  Tumbler & Rocks is crafted in small batches at The Fort Distillery just outside of Edmonton, Alberta.


The decision to expand into New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island reflects the growing demand for Tumbler & Rocks’ high-quality, artisanal cocktails and the company’s dedication to sharing the joy of hand-crafted beverages with more cocktail enthusiasts across the United States.  Tumbler & Rocks will be partnering with New York Wine & Spirits for distribution in New York, and with Atlantic Beverage Distributors for distribution in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


“I am extremely proud of the amazing team that we have here at The Fort Distillery,” says founder Nathan Flim. “We started out as a small craft distillery back in 2018, and to now be launching in some major US markets is very exciting.  We already have distribution in Connecticut and New Hampshire, so this move into NY, MA, and RI makes a lot of sense for our Tumbler & Rocks brand.”


The expansion will introduce residents in these states to Tumbler & Rocks’ signature collection of expertly mixed cocktails, making it easier than ever for cocktail enthusiasts to enjoy the art of mixology in the comfort of their own homes. Tumbler & Rocks is a go-to choice for those who appreciate the convenience of having exceptional cocktails ready to enjoy without the hassle of mixing ingredients themselves.


The official launch of Tumbler & Rocks Craft Cocktails in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island is scheduled for early 2024, and the company is eager to become an integral part of these communities.


To stay updated on Tumbler & Rocks’ expansion and to explore their line of cocktails, please visit www.tumblerandrocks.com


For media inquiries, please contact:

Nathan Flim, CEO –  nathan@thefortdistillery.com (587) 588 – 9237